Cheddar is the most popular type of cheese in the UK. The cheese originates from the village of Cheddar in Somerset, south west England. Cheddar Gorge on the edge of the village contains a number of caves, which provided the ideal humidity and steady temperature for maturing the cheese.

Cheddar Gorge Cheese company explains

There are a great many pretenders, but only one genuine Cheddar – and we are very proud to say, we make the only authentic cheddar cheese in the world; and this, is how we do it

Traditional cheddar cheese – still produced by hand in the village of Cheddar, Somerset, with raw milk from one local farm. Both an art and a science, we are producing & thereby preserving the only truly authentic cheddar cheese in the world. Long-matured in cloth to produce that special taste, texture, aroma, mouthfeel and long lasting flavour. Our cheese is unique and we’re proud to keep the tradition alive.

Cheddar Gorge Cheese company has written about How we make our cheese

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