Back in the old days, people used to play parlour games. These were games played indoors during the Victorian (and earlier) times when there was no internet, movies or technology to entertain themselves – they had to find ways to amuse themselves.  I was reminded on one parlour game we used to play when I was in the Navy called Where Art Thou Moriarty! 

At the time, the concept was really weird.  Two people blindfolded lie on the floor, hands bound together and then they yell, “Where Art Thou Moriarty?” and then try to whack the other person with some rolled up newspaper.  The aim is to hit the other person as many times as possible.  Like I said, weird and I don’t think this particular game would be well suited for this time and age – after all, where are you going to find a newspaper?  However, it made me explore the idea of what other parlour games there were.

Here’s a star with 14 Parlour Games to Bring Back.